Huntdown – A Glorious Homage to 80s Action Movies

The long run sucks, does not it? There’s at all times one thing. Either we are enslaved via robot overlords, ravenous as a result of we ran out of herbal assets, or we simply blow ourselves up with guns of mass destruction. We’ve all noticed the flicks. Even if via some small likelihood the human race is not eliminated via Terminators or roasted within the fires of atomic conflict, at some point the solar will extend and wipe us all out anyway. So do not get any concepts.

Anyway, on that cheery word, here is a assessment for a sport set someday referred to as Huntdown. The long run sucks as now we have already established, and on this specific sucky long run, murderous gangs roam town streets doing regardless of the hell they please and the law enforcement officials cannot do a damned factor about it. It’s a little bit like Escape from New York or Mad Max or Tesco on a Friday afternoon right through the coronavirus lockdown.

With the police outgunned and outmanned they name in skilled bounty hunters to type all of it out, and that is the place you are available. Huntdown performs like an old style side-scrolling shoot ’em up, however not like a large number of titles within the style you simplest want to worry your self with taking pictures horizontally — there is not any diagonal or upward hearth. The ranges are brief and the checkpoints are forgiving, so even if the trouble ramps up the sport by no means feels unbeatable.

You can take duvet, both crouching down at the back of containers or in doors. Either places you in high place to steer clear of maximum incoming hearth, permitting you to pop again out and hearth off a couple of rounds earlier than getting again to protection. On your travels, some vanquished enemies will drop guns like shotguns or gadget weapons which makes taking good care of trade significantly more straightforward, however you’ll additionally select to stay the heavier weaponry in reserve for whilst you achieve the boss if you are feeling like you’ll get via with out it.

And the bosses! The rogue’s gallery in Huntdown is without doubt one of the definitive highlights. Each stage within the sport is presided over via a chairman belonging to one among 4 gangs. You’ll tackle all means of a laugh and difficult weirdos, and it is a testomony to the standard of the sport that not one of the twenty bosses truly really feel identical. There’s flying snipers, a maniacal hockey participant on rollerblades, a rockerbilly swinging for you along with his guitar, and an previous kung fu grasp to call a couple of.

You play as one among 3 bounty hunters – there is a mercenary woman with a watch patch, a cybernetic ex-cop with a steel jaw, and a sassy posh robotic. Aside from how they give the impression of being, and the way they sound, all of them play in in large part the similar manner, however we discovered ourselves gravitating in opposition to the robotic, Mow Man. He’s a little bit like what you’ll consider Robocop could be like after 4 or 5 J√§gerbombs.

Of route, if you do not know who Robocop is, and even worse, you do however you are interested by the godawful remake with Michael Keaton in it, then you definately may well be befuddled at most of the references in Huntdown. The sport is a love letter to 80s motion motion pictures, and because we are previous and we like interested by how significantly better the whole lot used to be again in our day, we were given an actual kick out of it. Anyone born after Spandau Ballet broke up shall be lacking out, no longer simply with reference to recognising the references in Huntdown, but additionally in existence.

The sport is pleased with the 80s motion pictures, track, and popular culture that impressed it, and this love for the last decade shines all over. The characters are ridiculous stereotypes and strolling tropes and the discussion is clunky, however that is all a part of the attraction, and it appears like an original sport of violent motion cinema from decade that did it very best. There’s one liners ripped at once from vintage motion pictures of the technology, characters that reference cultural icons, or even one baddie that talks precisely like mythical WWF wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Ooooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeah.

It’s no longer all hilarity, regardless that. There’s one boss specifically that truly flooring our gears. He’s a veteran of a possibly terrible long run conflict who is affected by shellshock and will simplest say the word, “Oh, the horrors!” But he does not simply say it as soon as, or two times, and even three times. He says it each 3 or 4 seconds all over all of the boss struggle. If you get killed combating him about twelve occasions like we did, that is truly going to start out grating on you. In the top we if truth be told needed to mute the tv as a result of our fianc√©e used to be getting so frustrated she nearly referred to as off the marriage.

You may not wish to mute the TV the remainder of the time, regardless that. Huntdown liberally borrows one-liners from vintage 80s motion motion pictures like Predator and Rocky IV, and those will most probably carry a grin if you are acquainted with the supply subject matter. But past the a laugh quips your personality utters when dispatching foes, there may be the completely killer soundtrack to imagine. It’s one section Blade Runner, one section The Running Man, garnished with a little bit of John Carpenter for excellent measure and if it used to be on Spotify we would be paying attention to it at the moment. That’s a touch, Easy Trigger Games.

And it is not simply your ears which can be in for a deal with, both. Visually the sport is a shocking sport of the 16-bit facet scrollers of yesteryear, with an outstanding consideration to element that suggests there may be at all times one thing catching your eye. Whether it is flying vehicles zipping previous skyscrapers at the horizon, or neon lighting fixtures sparkling in a grim backstreet, Huntdown seems the section.


Huntdown is an ode to the gloriously violent and ridiculous motion motion pictures of the 80s, revelling in tacky one-liners, higher than existence characters, and wanton bloodshed. It’s difficult however in large part honest, with some exciting boss encounters that require plenty of ways to carry to justice. The thumping soundtrack and lovely 16-bit aesthetic are simply the icing at the cake, like a wonderfully delivered “Stick round!” after Arnie pins an enemy to the wall with an expertly thrown blade.

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