Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide – All Limit Breaks and How to Complete Battle Intel Report 17

Here’s learn how to get the entire Limit Breaks and grasp all Weapon Proficiencies.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake (12)

Limit Breaks will also be extraordinarily robust and assist out in extraordinarily tough scenarios. Each personality begins with a Limit Break by way of default however there are others to release. After beating the Corneo Colosseum as a part of the primary tale, it’s imaginable to go back and tackle different demanding situations, normally pitting one personality towards a number of foes. The rewards for those demanding situations are Limit Breaks.

How do you bought each and every Limit Break and what do they do? Let’s get started with Cloud and Aerith. Cloud has the Cross Slash Limited Break and will deal some lovely hefty harm. It’s additionally excellent for staggering enemies. To release the Ascension Limit Break, which a great deal will increase Stagger and permits for hitting one enemy more than one occasions, you wish to have to complete the Corneo Colosseum in Chapter 9. Head again there for Cloud’s devoted problem, entire it and also you’ll obtain Ascension as a praise.

Aerith is all about supporting the remainder of the birthday party. She begins with the Healing Winds Limit Break, which is excellent for therapeutic all birthday party contributors. Her 2nd Limit Break is Planet’s Protection, which can nullify bodily harm to the birthday party. Like Cloud, you wish to have to go back to the Corneo Colosseum after the primary tale quest in Chapter 9, partake in her devoted problem and Planet’s Protection is yours upon finishing touch.

Tifa is excellent at causing Stagger on foes in conjunction with dispensing some excellent harm. She begins off with the Somersault Limit Break, which is able to release foes into the air (simply be sure to’re inside vary of attacking). For Tifa’s 2nd Limit Break, Dolphin Flurry, you wish to have to move to the Corneo Colosseum in Chapter 14 and entire her problem. Dolphin Flurry sees Tifa the use of plenty of assaults towards an enemy which a great deal will increase Stagger. It’s additionally imaginable to focus on a number of enemies immediately so long as they’re all in entrance of you.

Finally, there’s Barret who lives and dies by way of his ranged features. He begins with Fire within the Hole which shoots a large ball of power that may hit more than one foes immediately. Like Tifa, his 2nd Limit Break – Catastrophe – is unlocked in Chapter 14 on the Corneo Colosseum. Take on his devoted problem and beat it to release the Limit Break. Catastrophe will fireplace a large power beam at foes which a great deal will increase Stagger.

Only one Limit Break will also be provided at a time for each and every personality. To trade Limit Breaks, head into the Battle Settings.

How to Complete Battle Intel Report 17

Completing other Battle Report Intel isn’t difficult relating to other Materia. However, Battle Report Intel 17 will take a while because it calls for acquiring 16 other weapon talents. This can handiest be executed by way of mastering a weapon’s Proficiency, with each and every having other necessities or the use of their signature talents in numerous tactics. As a praise for finishing the intel, you’ll obtain the Skill Master Materia.

While we’ve in short coated the quite a lot of tactics to grasp Proficiency for each and every weapon right here, it’s for sure price going into extra element right here. Keep in thoughts that you just don’t want to grasp all Weapon Proficiencies – simply 16. Here’s learn how to get to it.

Cloud Strife

  • Buster Sword – Simply use the Focused Thrust skill on an enemy.
  • Iron Blade – You will have to use the Triple Slash skill and hit 3 or extra foes with it. This is slightly simple to finish in encounters with more than one enemies.
  • Nail Bat – First, be sure to’re in Operator Mode throughout a struggle. Cast Disorder to mechanically transfer to Punisher Mode after which hit an enemy. Swap again to Operator Mode afterwards.
  • Hard Edge – Fill the ATB gauge and inflict Stagger on a foe. Once the enemy is staggered, use Infinity’s Edge. You’ll want to in finding enemies with better HP swimming pools for this procedure to successfully paintings.
  • Mythril Saber – Weaken foes till they have got a sliver of well being left. Then use Blade Burst to kill them.
  • Twin Stinger – Simply use Counterstance and execute a hit counterattacks to grasp this Proficiency. Well price getting since Counterstance will cause counterattacks even if hit by way of magic and elemental assaults.

Barret Wallace

  • Gatling Gun – Stagger an enemy with the Focused Shot skill. To make it more practical, make certain the ATB gauge is complete ahead of the use of the facility – this offers extra harm.
  • Light Machine Gun – Place your allies in scenarios the place they’ll take harm. Before the wear is available in, transfer to Barret and forged the Lifesaver skill. To successfully farm Proficiency, be sure to’re preventing warring parties with better HP swimming pools.
  • Steel Pincers – The Proficiency for this is a little difficult. Basically, wait till you’ve gotten a complete ATB gauge after which use the Charging Uppercut skill. When it lands, you’ll get one ATB bar again and fill up the gauge. Keep doing this to grasp the weapon.
  • Wrecking Ball – Hit 3 or extra enemies with the signature skill, which is simple because it’s a space of impact assault. Just be sure to’re in the midst of a gaggle of enemies to drag this off.
  • EKG Cannon – Get kills with the Point Blank skill. To be sure to get the killing blow, wait till you’ve gotten a complete ATB gauge after which use the facility for extra harm. Weakening foes previously additionally is helping.

Tifa Lockhart

  • Leather Gloves – Kill enemies with the Divekick skill. Simply get them vulnerable and end them off with Divekick. Best used on weaker foes.
  • Metal Knuckles – First use Overpower after which use commonplace assaults. Make certain you’re no longer the use of Whirling Uppercut throughout this (which is activated by way of urgent Triangle).
  • Sonic Strikers – Stagger an enemy with the weapon’s signature skill. It must be the blow that in the long run reasons the Stagger. Save it for when the more difficult foes are simply on the point of being staggered.
  • Feathered Gloves – When the ATB gauge is complete, use Starshower after which a capability or spell to reason further harm. Repeat this procedure to grasp the weapon.
  • Mythril Claws – Hit an enemy with Chi Trap. Nothing extra, not anything much less.
  • Purple Pain – When an enemy is staggered, use the True Strike skill.

Aerith Gainsborough

  • Guard Stick – Cast Arcane Ward first after which have an best friend use magic inside it. Proficiency is handiest earned in step with Arcade Ward used, no longer in step with spells used inside it.
  • Silver Staff – Hit 3 enemies immediately with Sorcerous Storm. Though this will also be executed in the midst of a gaggle of enemies, workout warning since Aerith is squishier than different birthday party contributors.
  • Arcane Scepter – First, use the Fleeting Familiar skill. Then use a spell or skill, which can case the acquainted to assault proper after. Keep summoning familiars to earn extra Proficiency.
  • Mythril Rod Proficiency – When an enemy is staggered, forged Ray of Judgment on them.
  • Bladed Staff – Hit an enemy with Lustrous Shield, despite the fact that it additionally works if mentioned enemy makes touch with it.
  • Reinforced Staff – Cast ATB Ward after which have an best friend stand inside of to forged both a capability or spell. Once once more, Proficiency is won in keeping with each and every ATB Ward activation.

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