After The Last of Us 2’s Review Bombing Scandal, Metacritic Paused Ghost of Tsushima Verdicts

Perhaps slightly red-faced that its consumer evaluations changed into one of the vital key battlegrounds in The Last of Us: Part II’s well-documented backlash, Metacritic briefly paused Ghost of Tsushima verdicts whilst it inspired fanatics to play the behemoth open international recreation. It handiest held the function again for 24 hours, however the ones desperate to charge the discharge on release day have been informed to “spend a while enjoying” prior to returning on 18th July.

The name’s now accrued nearly 450 consumer evaluations, and secured a score of 8.9, so there’s no sniff of a evaluate bombing scandal right here. Metacritic can be hoping that the small adjustment is going some distance in opposition to discouraging miscreants, however we’ll wish to look ahead to a extra “debatable” name prior to we will in reality see if its efforts have had any impact.


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