Mini Review: Concept Destruction – Destruction Derby with Cardboard Cars

Concept Destruction’s title tells you a lot of what you wish to have to find out about this pen-and-paper PlayStation four racer. It’s a fight sport impressed via PS1’s mythical Destruction Derby, and it’s successfully an explanation of thought. In some ways this appears like part a sport, as you ruin your means thru Drawn to Death-esque arenas, crumpling cardboard and ejecting batteries.

The physics are moderately a laugh: your automotive gets squashed and turn out to be nearly unattainable to influence as occasions limp to their conclusion. You earn credit in keeping with how a lot injury you inflict, and that is totted up throughout a couple of levels within the sport’s primary Championship mode. Based at the quantity of issues you accrue, you’ll unencumber other automobiles with distinctive dealing with fashions.

Managing your spice up and realizing when to position your foot down turns into a key element to luck, however there are moments the place you’ll be dinged from the again and brought out totally, which can also be irritating. You can tweak the settings to vary the trouble, and there’s native multiplayer to stay you engaged. But this can be a novelty at absolute best, and whenever you’ve squashed a couple of cardboard automobiles, you gained’t be coming again.


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