Games Done Quick speedrunners raised $400,000 for coronavirus relief

The recently-concluded speedrunning extravaganza Corona Relief Done Quick was once a large good fortune, elevating $400,000 to beef up Direct Relief, a charity group running to supply private protecting apparatus and different scientific pieces to healthcare staff scuffling with the COVID-19 outbreak. That determine is not up to the multi-million-dollar quantities raised through the lengthy Awesome Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick occasions—they each and every run for every week, whilst CRDQ was once a 60-hour weekend fling—however the GDQ crew stated the full “marks a brand new top for our facet match efforts.”

Hitting that great, spherical quantity was once a “right down to the twine” roughly factor:

“As at all times, 100% of the donations cross immediately to the charity. Direct Relief is coordinating with public well being government, nonprofit organizations and companies within the U.S. and globally to supply private protecting apparatus and crucial scientific pieces to well being staff responding to coronavirus (COVID-19),” GDQ stated.

“We’d love to thank the entire sponsors, donors, runners, and volunteers who helped make this match this kind of good fortune! Although our match has ended, we are hoping that you just proceed to beef up the combat towards COVID-19 by any means you’ll be able to. Thank you on your beef up!”

If you have got a couple of days to kill, you’ll be able to catch the entire display on GDQ’s Twitch channel, and it sounds as if that particular runs also are being uploaded to the GDQ YouTube channel. That’ll take a while, however for now you’ll be able to catch Halo: Combat Evolved in beneath an hour and a part, and a 34-minute Shovel Knight: King of Cards run—with explanations of why the speedrunners are doing what they do, which for me is essentially the most attention-grabbing a part of the method—down beneath.

The subsequent giant speedrunning pageant, Summer Games Done Quick, is now scheduled to run August 16-23. Game submissions and on-site volunteer programs shall be open April 29-May 9, and you’ll be able to sign up to wait (passes don’t seem to be offered on-site) from June 7-July 20. 

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