Random: Ghost of Tsushima Player Finds a Way to Turn Jin’s Life right into a Never-Ending Arrow Hell

We’ve all noticed that Ghost of Tsushima participant get completely wrecked via a barrage of Mongol arrows, proper? Well Reddit person lys1030 has one way or the other made Jin Sakai’s existence much more depressing.

They assault the similar Mongol warfare camp that can not be captured till later within the tale, leading to a endless hail of arrows. These projectiles are supposed to kill Jin and drive you again in your ultimate checkpoint, however what occurs when our hero merely refuses to die?


Equipped with Samurai Armour (which offers you a Resolve spice up each time you are taking injury), and definitely a host of Resolve-boosting Charms, lys1030 is in a position to heal quicker than the arrows can kill. The result’s a ludicrous situation the place the arrows are juggling Jin for so long as you’ll be able to be afflicted to mash down at the d-pad.

Would you ever topic Jin to such torture? Watch out for arrows within the feedback segment beneath.

Source: www.pushsquare.com

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