Random: Ghost of Tsushima Player Creates ‘Ishikawa Stock’, a Super Advanced Tactic for Storing Arrows

Okay glance, we all know that we have been posting somewhat a couple of of those ‘Random’ Ghost of Tsushima articles in recent times, however the neighborhood simply helps to keep arising with good stuff.

This newest gem is what Twitter person @xxSeri hilariously calls “Ishikawa inventory”. The gist of it’s that Jin can best raise such a lot of arrows at anyone time, and if you are the use of your bow so much in fight, you’ll be able to somewhat temporarily run out of ammo. So, in an effort to raise extra arrows, xxSeri merely fires a couple of of them into Ishikawa’s most commonly bald head.

There’s no pleasant fireplace so Ishikawa is not broken by means of the arrows, and when Jin’s provide is operating low, he can simply stroll over to to his sensei and restock, mechanically plucking them from the previous guy’s noggin. The best catch is that you wish to have to have a particular Charm supplied that permits Jin to recuperate used arrows from objectives.

So dumb, however so efficient.

Source: www.pushsquare.com

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