Nioh 2 Boss Guide – How to Beat Matsunaga Hisahide and Honda Tadakatsu

Here’s learn how to steer clear of being blown to bits or speared again and again by means of those bosses.

Nioh 2 - Matsunaga Hinahide

As hilarious as Nioh 2’s Matsunaga Hisahide is on reflection, he will also be extremely traumatic the primary time. Found within the aspect challenge “Master of Three Levels,” it’s really helpful to be degree 80. Hisahide will straight away run against you for a clutch after which straight away detonate a bomb. This is can one-shot or no less than significantly weaken you.

Learn the timing in this assault and dodge to the left (which is more secure than the usage of Burst Counter). Just remember to watch out when following up as he’s at the flooring since his bomb can nonetheless explode. Otherwise, Hisahide will throw poison and paralysis bombs at you, follow buffs to himself or even has a feint that leads right into a teleport assault. Stick shut and steer clear of his standard bombs to deal harm. Once his whole bag of tips, he’ll pass down in a rush.

How to Beat Honda Tadakatsu

Honda Tadakatsu is a kind of bosses that may be extremely tricky but in addition relatively simple. It all is determined by the assaults he throws at you. Found within the aspect challenge “Horns on Head, Dragonfly in Hand”, Tadakatsu makes use of a spear and thunder assaults to make existence depressing. Entering at degree 52 is really helpful.

You can get started by means of capturing him within the head for a very easy stagger and finisher. Tadakatsu will release rocks at you, which will simply be dodged and capitalized on for some harm. His Burst Attack could be a bit tough to counter, as will his spear assaults that have superb vary. One or two of his spear assaults will also be unblockable – be ready to dodge to the aspect and search for openings to counter-attack. At occasions, Tadakatsu will summon lightning on best of you however this will also be dodged.

When all the way down to the remaining 3rd of well being, Tadakatsu would possibly get started therapeutic. Take this as a possibility to deal some harm and sooner or later, you will have to beat him.

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