Kirby’s Design Director Wants To Make “Non-Action” Spinoff

Give me that Kirby visible novel.

Kirby Star Allies

When it involves the Nintendo franchises, there’s one little purple ball that has at all times been a curious oddity. Kirby has been an IP that has been round for years, despite the fact that by no means somewhat reached the extent of the probably the most different vintage Nintendo titles akin to Mario and The Legend of Zelda. In that means, it’s additionally been ripe for experimentation, with loads of offbeat titles. And it kind of feels some at the staff wish to cross much more off the crushed street.

In an interview Famistu, a number of key individuals of the Kirby staff have been interviewed in regards to the franchise’s long term and the most recent access, Star Allies. Design Director Riki Fuhrmann mentioned one thing fascinating, announcing he desires to make a sport no longer based totally round motion. He didn’t cross into element best announcing, “For me, personally, I’d really like to make a non-action Kirby spin-off game.” (Thanks to Nintendo Everything for transcribing and translating).

What that will appear to be is any individual’s wager. A Kirby visible novel most likely? Or possibly one thing similar to Animal Crossing with Kirby and buddies simply chilling out? Who is aware of, however something is needless to say: there’ll at all times be Kirby for the longer term.

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