Halo Co-Creator Hyped About PS5’s Super-Fast SSD Technology

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Sony’s super-fast SSD within the PlayStation five has recreation designers salivating over the enhancements it is going to convey to next-gen tool, and Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto has added his voice to the refrain of reward. Speaking concerning the rapid tech usually, he advised VGC that it is going to make a “huge difference” to the way in which that titles are made.

“It will open up the door for more expansive content that can stream a lot faster,” he beamed. “Players won’t be waiting on load screens and we won’t have to hide loading behind cinematics and that kind of thing. It will just help make things a lot more seamless and fluid for the player when it comes to their experience on those consoles.”

He persevered: “I am really excited about that because that’s one of the things that’s really hard for us in particular right now: dealing with those old platforms. These platforms have been around for what, seven years? Developing for them is like developing for machinery in the stone age.” Lehto is these days operating on first-person shooter Disintegration for the PlayStation 4.

His feedback are not anything new, after all, however it’s turning into an increasing number of transparent that the PS5’s SSD goes to be the largest game-changer with regards to next-gen enjoy. We’re in particular excited to peer simply how onerous first-party groups push this, as a result of third-parties are nonetheless going to be limited through different {hardware}.

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