Rogal Dorn: Primarch of the Imperial Fists

Rogal Dorn

Rogal Dorn, known as “The Diligent,” the “Praetorian of Terra” and the “Unyielding One,” and to his gene-sons the “wall-name” of “Defiance,” was the primarch of the Marine Legion Imperial Fists and one of the prominent heroes in the history of the Empire of Man.

A manifested being of thunderous zeal and stone is how many characterized the VII Legion Primarch. He had a grim, naturally unsmiling profile, topped with a shock of short, bone-white hair. His passion was a son’s fire that unreservedly and without doubt, believed in his father’s dream for the Imperium.

To rogal dorn, the life of the Legiones Astartes had no higher purpose than the unity of humanity and the illumination of the values of the Empire. This idealism has motivated Dorn and his Alpha Legion, never sacrificing, never stinting in any service aspect. The stone in his soul was his willingness to bear everything his father demanded of him and his unyielding nature that made him both a war defense master and an indomitable attack aggressor with iron warriors defences.

If the Primarchs were the nature of the Emperor split like white light through the rays of a prism, as many Imperial scholars of the Imperial Court suggested, then from that point of view, Rogal Dorn was the implacable disciple of the Emperor in pursuing the flesh-given cause; without compromise, and in whom loyalty and duty were as integral as blood and breath.

Perhaps for this cause, even before Horus’ deception, the Emperor called Dorn the “Praetorian of Terra,” pulling him far from the Warmaster and his newly-forged command to his side. 

To some of his brothers primarch, this only served to separate him, his Alpha Legion from them, and those who saw the sins of hubris and obstinacy in Dorn’s undoubted stubbornness pride saw this aggrandizement as another way of discord and disquiet the fortifications.

It was Dorn who supervised the building of the Imperial Palace’s formidable defenses in the Himalazian (Himalayan) on Terra that would be sorely checked by the bodies powers of Anarchy during the Horus Heresy’s epic climax in Terra’s terrible Siege.

And after his awful final duel with Horus, Dorn will find the Emperor’s fractured bodies on the Battleship Vengeful Spirit. Dorn installed the Emperor on the Golden Throne, receiving his last orders for shaping the future of the rest of the war-devastated Empire victory.

Rogal Dorn reportedly died fighting on a Chaos Space Marine vessel in the late 31st century, after assaulting the 1st Black Crusade’s war fleet with a vastly outnumbered Imperial army. He relied on hit-and-run attacks before his reinforcements arrived. He saw the importance of attacking the enemy fleet while preparing to conquer Imperial space.

Dorn was supposed to have been slain on board the Chaos Despoiler-class Battleship Sword of Sacrilege after a desperate assault on his bridge. However, in reality, the Imperial Fists and their Successor Chapters assume that Dorn is still alive somewhere and may return when the Empire needs him most.

History of Rogal Dorn Primarch of the Imperial Fists

The Primarch of the Imperial Fists is the second only to the Ultramarines’ Primarch Roboute Guilliman in the adoration his name inspires in the Imperium masses, and even among other chapters, he holds high regard.

Throughout most of the Great Crusade, Dorn stayed next to the Emperor’s side, remaining there during the darkest Horus Heresy days.

So it was a particularly bitter fate that caused Dorn to break from the Emperor when he teleported to the Warmaster’s flag ship, to discover his master’s body after hard work in the sanguinius duel that ended the Horus Heresy.

The Youth of Rogal Dorn 40k

Primarchs are transcendent creatures, keeping in their essence a portion of the sublime, unknowable. In a Primarch, all attributes that appear better in a Legion warrior exist as more robust, more profound, and subtle.

The Primarchs, though spun from humanity’s seed, are not human. This nature also seems to strengthen and concentrate the attributes their gene-seed brings to a Legion. So, when Primarch and Legion merge, there is always a point where a Legion’s character may seem to change. In the case of the Imperial Fists, their Primarch’s discovery and the planet that raised him only reinforced the nature the Imperial Fists had shown since their formation.

When the 20 genetically modified nascent Primarchs were stolen by the Ruinous Forces from the Emperor’s laboratories on Terra and cast into the Warp, they were dispersed across the galaxy into various worlds that would form the essence of each Primarch and later their individual Legions from their genome. When the Primarch Rogal Dorn was returned to the Imperium, it was in the Inwit Ice World Cluster.

The Coming of the Centurion Emperor

“Do not look to us for kindness. Do not look to us for hope reason. We are not the kind children of this new age. We are the rocks of its foundation. If you wish to hope, then look at what we make. If you wish kindness, then look to those who will come after us.”– Rogal Dorn, address to the Three Hundred Magistrates of Terra.

Forty standard years after his grandfather’s death, Inwit’s outer Imperial starships eventually entered the Ice Hives. When the true Emperor was reunited with Rogal Dorn, He not only recovered a missing son from that problem but the power of a society-spanning star forged into a war weapon.

Primarch Rogal Dorn

Dorn greeted the Emperor at the helm of the enormous starship built during the Dark Ages of Technology called the Phalanx he had discovered inside Inwit’s space area. Dorn is the seventh of twenty Primarchs found by their father.

The Emperor welcomed Dorn as his long-lost son. He returned the Phalanx to his possession, converting it into the VII Space Marine Legion’s mobile fortress-monastery, which was also handed over by the Emperor to be led by Dorn since all of its others Astartes were generated using Dorn’s genetic blueprint.

From the first moment they met on the Phalanx bridge, Dorn himself was intensely loyal to the Emperor and never sought favor from his father. Dorn embodied the human quest for honesty and could never say a lie, even though it helped his cause. Because of this quality, Dorn’s statue stands as one of only four ever erected on Macragge, next to Roboute Guilliman, the Ultramarines’ Primarch.

Dorn commanded the VII Legion with peerless devotion and military brilliance. He was said to possess one of the Primarchs’ finest military brains, ordered and disciplined, but inclined to bursts of zeal and inspiration. His record of victories for the Imperium during the Great Crusade was numerous.

Indeed the Warmaster Horus said he respected Dorn and the Imperial Fists so highly that he reckoned that if the Fists, noted defense masters, were to hold a fortress against him and his Luna Wolves, noted assault masters, the ensuing conflict would spiral into an endless stalemate.

Great Crusade

Dorn had single-minded energy tempered by a reserved, stoic disposition. Many have noticed this Primarch and his Legion’s dour and emotionless nature, but such an appraisal lacks much. Reserved but frightening in frustration, Dorn was both careful and calculating, capable of pursuing an end with relentless energy. Although he seldom displayed emotion, when he did, he might shake the ground or darken the sun. During the near-disastrous revival of the Xahelican breed in the Adonis Cluster, it was said that Dorn’s icy rage held the battlements as much as those standing on them.

His alarm of Castors’ reinforcements is said to echo from fire-touched sky to the still burning sea. “As quick and unforgiving as the dropping edge of an axis,” says Leman Russ of the Space Wolves Legion, describing his brother-primarch.

Dorn was also able to brood and let things feed under his stone-cast demeanor. For as much as he was an absolute loyalty fighter, he was also an idealist — the motives he fought were as vital to him as the result of his efforts.

During the Great Crusade, few ever saw this quality in Dorn, for there was little cause. Still, those who knew him well could see hints of it after a fierce campaign with Konrad Curze of the Night Lords Legion in the Cheraut System and his brief schism with Ferrus Manus of the Iron Warrior Hands Legion, Iron cage.

It’s only immediately after the terrible events of the Horus Heresy, with so much destroyed never to be rebuilt, and blood already staining the surviving birth of the Imperium, that history might see that there could be a fault even in perfect loyalty. However, at the moment the Imperial Fists were joined with Rogal Dorn, the shadow of everlasting treachery still waited far ahead.

Post Heresy

After the Emperor’s collapse, Dorn was affected by sorrow. He thought the Emperor’s near-death was his fault and led his Legion to a crucifixion of penance in the Empire. Roboute Guilliman announced the adoption of his Codex Astartes, which turned Legions into chapters. It was called back to Terra. At first, Dorn was outraged by that idea, believing it was blamed by the Imperium (and rightly so he thought) for the fall of his other marines brothers. But Dorn acknowledged that he knew the harm another internal war could do to the Empire’s fragile peace. This was a dark time in the life of Rogal Dorn, all of which had failed, and his Legion failed without the Emperor’s guiding light.

There is some debate about the next case in the life of Rogal Dorn. Clearly, the Imperial Fists cannot be separated as quickly as the Ultramarines might, for example. Each navy obtained a full engagement with the Legion, and many did not want to form their imperial fists chapters. In meditation, Dorn sought this problem using a system known as Pain Glove, with self-inflicted pain. This pain-induced view showed that his Legion must be rescued in the presence of the Emperor and that pain and self-sacrifice are the paths to redemption.

Dorn agreed to be an iron warriors’ fortress, the Iron Cage, to clean up the chapter. To make fun of the Imperial Fists, Perturabo had constructed massive fortifications, and Dorn led his most die-hards into a siege that lasted for several weeks. Followers of the Iron Warriors say Imperial Fists had suffered a crippling derailment and that if Perturabo had not prolonged Dorn’s misery too long, Dorn and his Legion would have been defeated.

Rogal Dorn shows otherwise in full armor Imperial records. The imperial fists were still masters of siegecraft, and they fought like lions even unprepared and at a disadvantage. Dorn stood among them like a giant. After years of doubt and remorse, his mind was pure. The Iron Warriors had to risk their lives and Primarch to defeat the Imperial Fists, a price that they would not be able to pay. The Ultramarines’ arrival reduced the conflict, and the Iron Warriors escaped into the Eye of Fear. The Imperial Fists suffered enormous defeats, but they had shown their allegiance to the Emperor and purged themselves of previous failures.

The Legion’s remains are divided into three others. The Black Templars were created by the most enthusiastic marines people. The more logical and newly recruited Marines were Crimson Fists, and the most dedicated were Imperial Fists. According to the next 20 years, Rogal Dorn spent restoring and reforming his chapter for the Astartes Index criteria. There was a mistake (There were other chapters, like the Soul Drinkers, for instance, though it is unclear when they came into existence.)

Rogal Dorn is absent and suspected dead when he assaults a Chaos fleet with a much larger force. When he saw the value of attacking the enemy fleet during the preparations, he focused on hit-and-run attacks before his refurbishments were reached. Dorn was absent from a desperate assault on its bridge on the Despoiler Class Battleship Sword of Sacrilege. Only his hand (Dorn’s Hand) was retrieved, which his chapter retains in stasis.

The skeletal fist of Dorn is held inside the temple, the bones intricately graved with the heraldry of all the previous Masters of the Chapter. Only the Master Chapter has the right to inscribe his name on the bones. Each bone is identical to the previous commanders. The first metacarpal is left hand: Bronwin Abermort, Maximus Thane, Flodensbog, Ambrosian Spectator, etc.

Wargear Primarch Rogal Dorn

The Auric Armour-Typically dressed in baroque Power Armour of burned copper and gold, Dorn often wore a red velvet cloak and prominently presented an unfurled eagle-wing motif on most of his wargear, most notably on a decorative part of his shield that rose above his shoulders.

  • Storm’s Teeth -This enormous Chainsword, too weighty for any but a Primarch to wield, is said to have been created by Inwit’s gun masters before the Emperor arrived. His razored teeth can shred metal, stone, and flesh with ease, and while the Imperial Fists Legion Primarch had many weapons at his disposal, some relics of much greater strength, it was this sword that served him faithfully for so long that he favored most.
  • The Voice of Terra – Introduced by the Legio Custodes to Rogal Dorn to honor the Primarch’s appointment as Terra’s Praetorian, this tactical Bolter fits the pattern of the Legio Custodes’ weaponry, albeit redesigned for the hand and strength of a Primarch to wield
  • Teleport Homer – A Teleport Homer was a system of ancient Imperial technology used by the Adeptus Astartes, the Inquisition, and the Chaos Space Marines to enable teleportation from one location, usually an orbiting starship, to a point on a planetary surface. 
  • A Teleport Homer transmits a unique signal that Terminator Armor suits can lock on to enable their users to teleport through the Immaterium with great precision using teleporter technology at the point of origin.
  • Frag Grenade — A Frag Grenade is an anti-personnel grenade commonly used by Imperium of Man’s armed forces. It produces a shrapnel blast that shreds unarmed soldiers. The explosion has the tactical advantage of forcing the enemy to cover to avoid injury. Indeed, a Frag Grenade’s blast neutralizes any mobility advantage held by an opponent by pinning them to their location.

Following several attempts at Rogal Dorn’s life following the Horus Heresy outbreak, Mago Telluria designed a unique, heavily tailored personal Thunderhawk gunship to convey him both in combat and protect him as he conducted Terra’s defense missions. Instead of its standard weapons, it was fitted with a Turbo-Laser and a single Titan Void Shield.

What’s Rogal Dorn at in Warhammer 40k?

Shortly after everyone was on Terra, Guilliman began to stick his nose in the business of all. Dorn didn’t like the hideous face of his brother asking him how to run his military. He took a fleet of soldiers and went through the area, killing Havoc everywhere they could. Finally, the rest of the Empire began to wonder where it was until one day, they embarked on an old ship of Confusion and encountered a severe side. No one knows where he is now, but if we know GW, they certainly don’t know where he is buried.

His children took it, and since they are peculiar too, they began to inscribe the names of Chapter Masters into the divorced hand of Dorn’s bone.

There’s a lot about this guy, yes, but we’ve reached the key topics. He killed even his brother Alpharius and squeaked Perturabo in an Iron Cage off his fortified world. But for a later time, that’s it. Hopefully, you’ve heard something, but not very well, about the socially uncomfortable Primarch.

Rogal dorn’s Warhammer 40k Video and the Imperial Fists

Frequently Asked Questions
💎 How did Rogal Dorn die?

Sources of dispute. It is mentioned that Dorn's death took place shortly after the disappearance of his brother, Corax, in the Astartes II index. Not long after the Heresy and the Great Scouring, he will die. However, Dorn is considered to be dead on the Sword of Sacrilege, a ship of Despoiler Class Battleship Anarchy.

💎 Is Rogal Dorn alive?

It was never 100 percent verified; all we know at the moment is that it was last seen fighting the Chaos fleet who overpowered his own and apparently just disappeared, was one of his hands retrieved by the Imperial Fists. There was a mistake—Dorn's dead, personally.

💎 Which Primarch are still alive?

On the loyalist side, we certainly know that both Lion El'Jonson and Guilliman remain alive. It is possible that Russ, Khan, Corax, and Vulkan will all be active.

💎 Rogal Dorn, how tall is it?

8ft10 8ft
Rogal Dorn 8ft10 volcano 10ft9+ (11ft8).

💎 Which primarch did Rogal Dorn kill?

Alpharius: Slain at the Battle of Pluto by Rogal Dorn. Konrad Curze: Callidus Temple Assassin M'Shen was assassinated (although he let it happen to prove a point).

💎 What did roboute Guilliman say to the emperor?

Something like "thank God you are here; please go and stop the chaos." But in fact, it is going cuntier and makes Guilliman realize that the Emperor sees the primarches as instruments and not as Sons.

💎 Is Horus dead Warhammer?

While Horus eventually lost his power and was slaughtered by the father he had previously loved during the Siege of Terra, his action damaged the Man's Empire and launched the present Empire Era, when humanity and the Empire themselves endured countless horror dangers.

💎 Who was the most powerful primarch?

There can be only one answer to this: volcano, lord of Drakes, father to the Eighteenth Legion, salamanders, if we consider no warp-craft or Psyker nonsense (get lost, Magnus). Vulcano is the largest and, in his own words, the best of the primarchs in their natural state.

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