Maneater Review – King Of The Sea

Maneater Review – King Of The Sea

Seals dart playfully within the ocean waters as sunbathers crowd the seashores to calm down within the golden sands. For the bull shark that lurks at the hours of darkness waters beneath, this idyllic scene is a lunch buffet. With an insatiable starvation riding its movements, the shark devours the seals and people, turning the sea and sands purple. Nothing is protected from this killing device within the sea or on land. The shark must banquet to develop sufficiently big to actual revenge at the human hunter that killed her mom.

That’s Maneater, an open-water RPG by way of Tripwire Interactive that places you in regulate of an enraged bull shark. This revel in is darkish and violent, but additionally unusually amusing, turning in giant laughs, a pleasant development machine, and numerous visible selection within the six to 8 hours it takes to develop from a child that feeds on catfish to a mythical mega shark that may bounce from the water and weigh down searching barges.

The shark’s adventure to maturity is cleverly offered as a truth display that does an excellent task fleshing out the antagonist, a hunter named Scaly Pete who ripped the newborn bull shark from her mom’s womb. Before tossing the newborn to the ocean, Pete lower her with a knife to create a scar he would acknowledge years later when the shark could be sufficiently big to seek. When the hunters aren’t telling their tales in entrance of a digicam, the shark’s lifestyles is periodically instructed thru brief narrative bursts by way of actor Chris Parnell. He does a positive task, however you don’t listen sufficient from him to in reality promote the imaginative and prescient of the shark being recorded for a display.

The complete focal point of the sport is to devour. From the instant you acquire regulate of the newborn, you wish to have to devour the entirety you spot, be it fish, turtles, and even license plates. Everything you devour offers you revel in issues. The smaller snacks come up with much less, however in case you are feeling fortunate, you’ll be able to tackle a high-level alligator for an enormous haul of XP. The shark grows as she ranges up, and in addition evolves in sudden techniques.

You sooner or later earn electrical energy coursing thru your enamel, bone armor to your fins, and enhanced eyes that can help you see extra of the sea’s secrets and techniques. These upgrades are foolish in idea, however they lend a hand promote the theory of this bull shark being distinctive and able to being the king of the ocean.

The shark is straightforward to regulate when she’s swimming thru open waters or even in tight caverns, however acts like an uncontrollable wrecking ball in struggle scenarios. As she tries to stay monitor of her goal, which is able to dodge and dart in all places, her enamel gnash wildly, every so often hitting flesh, maximum instances catching not anything however water. Boss battles towards orcas and sperm whales that experience massive well being meters finally end up taking a look like a chaotic mess – dogfighting at tremendous velocity.

Yes, it’s disturbing that even with a lock-on you lose monitor of your goal so ceaselessly, however the battles are infrequently difficult. You simply have to stay with your goal, disengage to devour when your well being will get low, then go back to the chaos. You don’t have a lot of an arsenal to paintings with, simply chomping, a tail whip to stun enemies, a dodge roll, and extra chomping. The loss of selection within the transfer set isn’t that massive of a detractor, on the other hand, because the amusement of consuming the entirety conceivable doesn’t lose its chew.


For a sport a few shark, you additionally spend a stunning period of time out of water, jumping over partitions, hovering to nab collectibles out of the air, or beaching your self to feed on people. If there are properties or streets subsequent to water, the shark explores them as you devour people from inside of their protected zones. This motion is treated extraordinarily smartly, permitting the shark to dance alongside the bottom and lunge at other people. They run away, however now not really well. When the shark is absolutely leveled, a excellent 15 people can also be digested prior to wanting to go back to the ocean prior to suffocating.

The global is split up into themed spaces, beginning with a swamp and finishing with the nice depths of the sea. Each space brings other species to devour, wildly other viewpoints each above and beneath the water, and a handful of missions. These assignments don’t have a lot selection or meat on their bones; you mainly want to devour 10 of 1 factor, kill as many people as conceivable, after which take at the apex predators of the world, which might be mainly the boss fights. If you devour sufficient people, you build up your sought after point (just like Grand Theft Auto’s), which brings out other hunters tied to Pete. Each of the 13 hunters brings numerous firepower and improve. You want to move airborne to tear the hunters from their boats, or use your frame to sink them. Once you have got finished sufficient missions, you progress directly to the following space. As you develop, you’ll be able to back off to earlier spaces to destroy thru fences that you simply could not prior to. All instructed, there is a great loop of exploration and rewards that stretches from begin to end.

One of my favourite portions of this revel in is monitoring down landmarks, which brings a good bit of humor, some nice pop-culture references, and funky visuals. Each landmark is accompanied by way of slightly voiceover from Parnell who tells you what it’s. There are dozens to trace down, one in every of which is the mafia’s underwater burial flooring (you even get to take down the mafia right here), and some other presentations you the vent the place Godzilla comes from. I even discovered a cave that held Pennywise the clown.

Maneater is an stress-free hunt that satisfies in its shark mayhem and tale of revenge. The motion is a little bit repetitive and chaotic, however the goofiness of the violence finally ends up successful out. This is the primary shark sport I’ve in reality loved. It has cult vintage written in every single place it.


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