Sony Has Patented A Pet Robot That Can Scan Your Emotions

sony pet robot

sony pet robot

Have you ever wanted a pet robot gaming higher part that can scan your emotions and answer and behave appropriately? It might be an oddly explicit issue to hope, on the other hand whilst you do, Sony have got you lined. As in step with a patent filed by the use of them in 2018 that was in recent years published, they’re a minimum of making an allowance for era that does that stuff exactly (spotted by the use of Eurogamer).

Reading video and audio knowledge, this pet robot can be informed your feelings and emotions and then answer in an appropriate means using gestures, movements, and even speech. “It is known that by seeing the same thing at the same place and empathising with each other, the distance to the other people is shortened and affinity with the other people is increased,” reads the patent.

The patent then states that if the robot reacts to gameplay on the show in a an identical strategy to the player, the latter may also be additional motivated to stick taking part in and be additional engaged throughout the enjoy. The equivalent moreover applies to taking a look at movement photos or TV. Reads the patent: “The user may enjoy content more by viewing the content with the robot as compared to the case of viewing it alone.”

Forming a positive bond might in fact increase the robot’s capacity too. The patent describes the following example: “If the user is living an irregular life, the robot…may propose improvement of the life rhythm, for example, saying ‘Let’s go to bed soon.’”

Sounds like an overly wholesome episode of Black Mirror, if I’m being honest.

It’s always value mentioning that patents don’t necessarily represent problems that will see the light of day, and are without end just a case of companies protecting their tech and ideas- and that almost all for sure stands doubly true for this extraordinary little patent particularly. It’s nevertheless amusing to inspect what bizarre problems Sony is brooding about of even if?

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