Mini Review: Thy Sword – Thou Shalt Enjoyeth This Roguelike

Roguelikes are dime a dozen on PlayStation Store, however Thy Sword appeals despite the style’s ubiquity. This single-screen side-scroller sees you clearing out enemies in several places to growth to other ranges, many environments culminating in larger-than-life boss fights. There’s an off-the-cuff mode which makes the trouble extra manageable, however you’ll be able to experience a extra punishing journey in the event you want.

Combat is simplistic however entertaining, requiring you to shield with “thy sword” earlier than thwarting your foes. Some dangerous guys, equivalent to zombies, require you to make use of a distinct transfer to strip them in their cranium, thus fighting them from resurrecting themselves. Other foes be capable to poison you, whilst the aforementioned boss fights utilise unique patterns and will also be tough to absolute best to start with. Gold will also be accumulated and both gambled or traded for loot, providing you with some essential buffs in fight.

It’s no longer a looker, with the environments in large part missing element and the sprite paintings rudimentary. But the loop is addictive whilst the journey lasts, and also you’ll without a doubt wish to run during the marketing campaign a couple of occasions earlier than becoming bored fully. Ratalaika continues to offer the PS4 and PS Vita with likeable timewasters, then, and whilst there are without a doubt higher-profile roguelikes at the platforms, that is nonetheless a a laugh one.


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