The Outer Worlds Was Held Back by Console Memory Budgets

The Outer Worlds would most likely no longer have had the biggest environments to find on PlayStation 4, with the likes of Fallout Four and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt dwarfing it, alternatively no less than those puts had been reasonably detailed. However, it will were this type of lot upper. In a brand spanking new interview with Danny O’Dwyer as part of No Clip, developer Obsidian reveals how the RPG experience used to be as soon as held once more by way of the memory constraints of current-gen consoles.

While discussing the Groundbreaker, the second location inside the recreation that you just uncover, senior recreation designer Brian Heins explains how the ambience used to be as soon as at the beginning minimize up between Three separate levels each that features a load show. This used to be as soon as a substantial amount of for the body of workers and so it decided to create a single cohesive surroundings, which brought about its non-public problems. Areas such since the scientific bay had to be tweaked in order to art work on the station’s primary promenade along with a few other puts as the one setting now blew earlier the memory constraints of the PS4 and Xbox One. As such, a whole phase of the Groundbreaker, dubbed “the Bridge” used to be as soon as reduce simply to fit on consoles.

Elsewhere, Heins discusses every other problem to this. Obsidian had created too many NPCs for the game to maintain on current-gen {{hardware}}, this means that {{that a}} certain amount used to be as soon as reduce totally from the experience. “It kind of breaks my heart a little bit, there’s not a lot of people moving around on Groundbreaker. And that was basically because when we got the art pass done and the lighting pass, we had to actually pull back on the number of actual characters on the Groundbreaker to fit on consoles because we just didn’t have the memory budget.”

Outer Worlds 1 1

Of course, the ones sorts of issues should be an element of the former when the next-generation arrives at the end of this year. It’s clear that teams all over the world are pushing the PS4 to its absolute limit, and the PS5 can be providing so much more freedom on the subject of development. Unfortunately, we are going to most definitely not at all get to appear Obsidian completely stretch its wings on a Sony platform after Microsoft purchased the studio. The Outer Worlds 2 is maximum undoubtedly launching on PC and Xbox Series X by myself.

Nevertheless, it’s all the time eye-catching to hear how teams are running within the parameters of the current technology {{hardware}}. Would you like to have professional what Obsidian had in ideas for The Outer Worlds? Let us know inside the comments beneath.

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