Poll: What Review Score Would You Give Final Fantasy VII Remake?

It’s been each and every week for the reason that unlock of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and we think that plenty of you’ll be able to have completed the game by way of now — or at least come close. With that all through ideas, we’re proper right here to ask you for a review score. Is Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 the whole thing that you just was once hoping it may well be? Or is it a huge unhappiness? We need to know.

As for our private review, we gave Cloud and the gang an excessively first fee 8/10. We wrote: “When it’s at its best, Remake is brilliant, and it’s elevated to even greater heights by an excellent combat system. It may not be the perfect remake that we’ve all been dreaming of these past five years, but it is a thoroughly enjoyable, nostalgia-driven ride that understands the magic of Final Fantasy VII.”

Oh, and final week, we published a definite poll asking you probably have been actually buying Final Fantasy VII Remake. A whopping 69 in line with cent of you discussed that you just had a reproduction, so we expect to seem a large number of votes this time spherical.

As at all times, vote in our polls, and then give us a tight opinion inside the comments section below.

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