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The Last of Us Remastered Full Story Recap So Far 1

The Last of Us: Part II is nearly upon us, after all proceeding Joel and Ellie’s tale. The first sport used to be a bleak and unflinching story of a person and a lady as they trip throughout a United States devastated by means of a ferocious fungal an infection. We’ll quickly be diving again into this grim and determined surroundings, however it is been a very long time because the first sport. You won’t have performed The Last of Us for seven years, and even performed it in any respect.

If you might be short of a recap of the occasions main as much as the incoming sequel, you have come to the correct position. In this option, we are going to give you a complete tale recap, telling you the whole thing you wish to have to understand earlier than The Last of Us 2. Naturally, there can be spoilers for the entire tale underneath, so if you do not need to peer them, you will have to glance away now. Without additional ado, let’s undergo Joel and Ellie’s tale to this point.

The Last of Us Remastered Full Story Recap So Far 2

The Prologue

The Last of Us’ prologue introduces us to Joel, who lives in Austin, Texas together with his daughter Sarah. Joel comes house past due, and Sarah is looking ahead to him to offer him his birthday reward. The two shaggy dog story round and watch TV in combination till Sarah falls asleep.

Sarah wakes up in her mattress when her telephone rings. On the opposite line is Tommy, Joel’s brother. He tells her he wishes to speak to Joel urgently earlier than getting bring to an end. Sarah then searches the home for her father, however there is no signal of him. Eventually he seems, operating inside of after keeping off… Something. Joel tells Sarah to get in a position to go away.

The pair get into Tommy’s automobile and the 3 of them force throughout the town, which is in a foul method. It seems persons are being inflamed by means of a mutated cordyceps fungus, which takes keep watch over of the mind and turns folks into useless carriers stripped of humanity. Eventually, the fungus sprouts from the top and face of the inflamed.

As they force throughout the town, which is in whole chaos, they are struck by means of every other car and are compelled to make their get away on foot. Tommy hangs again to carry off the inflamed whilst Joel and Sarah are stopped by means of a soldier, who’s steered to kill them. They dive clear of the gunshots, however Sarah is hit. Tommy kills the soldier, saving Joel, however it is too past due for Sarah, who dies in her father’s fingers.

The Last of Us Remastered Full Story Recap So Far 3

20 Years Later…

We then rapid ahead 20 years, the place Joel lives in Boston, Massachusetts as a smuggler in a post-pandemic global. North America is very bad out of doors of quarantine zones and different settlements, the place the rest of the inhabitants reside. Joel and his spouse Tess cross in search of Robert, an fingers broker who owes them some guns. When they in finding him, he confesses to promoting their guns to the Fireflies, an impartial military crew opposing authority.

The crew’s chief, Marlene, seems and guarantees Joel and Tess double the collection of guns in the event that they tackle a role. After following her, it seems she needs the pair to take Ellie, a 14-year-old woman, to a close-by assembly level. On the best way there, Joel and Tess in finding out Ellie has been bitten by means of an inflamed. Her wound is 3 weeks outdated, a long way past when folks normally flip — Ellie is immune, therefore why she is so essential. She might be key to creating a treatment for the an infection.

Once they get to the assembly level, they uncover the Fireflies they had been supposed to satisfy had been killed. Tess unearths she’s been inflamed, and tells Joel to take Ellie and in finding the Fireflies whilst she remains in the back of to shop for them a while. Joel and Ellie are compelled to flee whilst Tess holds off pursuing infantrymen, loss of life within the procedure.

The Last of Us Remastered Full Story Recap So Far 4

The Journey Begins

Joel reluctantly continues the adventure with Ellie, and the primary port of name is to seek out an outdated acquaintance, Bill, who owes him a favour. The hope is this paranoid survivalist can give them with a operating car. Things are not fairly that simple, and a headstrong Ellie clashes with Bill a number of occasions, however ultimately the duo get away Bill’s territory in a pickup truck.

Joel and Ellie are at the street heading west for a while, aiming to seek out Joel’s brother Tommy — a former Firefly. Eventually, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they are ambushed by means of a bunch of bandits and their car is ruined. They wish to get away the town, which is beneath heavy patrol and stuffed with inflamed. After being separated in a ruined lodge, the pair reunite when Ellie saves Joel from assault. Joel entrusts Ellie with a rifle whilst he clears out some extra bandits on their trail to the Fort Pitt Bridge.

The Last of Us Remastered Full Story Recap So Far 5

Henry and Sam

The pair runs into a few brothers, Henry and Sam, who’re additionally looking to go away Pittsburgh. Joel and Ellie sign up for them, and the brothers take them to their hideout. Henry and Joel get a hold of a plan to flee by the use of a safety checkpoint all over the evening. Before that, the gang makes their technique to an outdated radio station. They’re came upon, and the 2 pairs are cut up up as they make their get away. Ellie and Joel leap into the river and wash up on a seaside, the place Henry and Sam meet them once more.

The crew ultimately reaches the radio tower, the place they’re after all ready to calm down. As Joel stocks tales from earlier than the pandemic, Ellie exams in on Sam, who is taking inventory in their provides. After chatting with him about their fears, Ellie says goodnight. It transpires Sam has been bitten by means of an inflamed, however hasn’t instructed somebody.

In the morning, Ellie is going to test on Sam, who has became in a single day. The inflamed Sam assaults Ellie, and earlier than Joel can get his gun, Henry shoots Sam. Overcome with grief and guilt, Henry then shoots himself.

The Last of Us Remastered Full Story Recap So Far 6


Several months have handed, and Joel and Ellie at the moment are in Jackson County, Wyoming. They’re close to Tommy’s agreement in Jackson town, however wish to make their method thru an deserted hydroelectric plant. As they method the principle gate, it seems it isn’t deserted in any respect; Tommy and his persons are there, making an attempt to get the plant again on-line and producing energy. Joel takes Tommy to at least one aspect and asks if he can entrust Ellie to him, as she’ll be more secure and he is aware of the whereabouts of the Fireflies. After invaders raid the plant, Tommy consents to maintain Ellie. However, she’s taken off after overhearing the dialog.

After catching up along with her, Joel and Ellie argue about her going with Tommy as an alternative. They’re lower brief, on the other hand, when extra bandits method. On the pony trip again, Joel comes to a decision to take Ellie to the Fireflies himself. Tommy tells them that the Fireflies may also be discovered on the science lab on the University of Eastern Colorado. The pair rides off on one in all Tommy’s horses.

Joel and Ellie in finding the college and discover the campus till they in finding the science construction. It seems the Fireflies deserted the web site, and there is no signal of them. Joel unearths a dictaphone with the overall phrases of a deceased Firefly, who says the gang has moved again to St. Mary’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Unfortunately, they are noticed earlier than they are able to go away, and so Joel and Ellie battle to flee the college.

In a fight, Joel falls over a railing and lands on a steel pipe, impaling him. Ellie defends Joel and is helping him up, they usually simply slightly get away. Joel, in critical ache and shedding blood, collapses as they trip away.

The Last of Us Remastered Full Story Recap So Far 7


We rapid ahead in time as soon as once more. Ellie is now taking a look after a badly injured Joel. She hunts for meals in a snowy woods with a bow and arrows. After looking a rabbit, Ellie spots a deer, and tracks it down. The deer runs throughout the bushes against a agreement. Ellie reaches the animal, however hears that she is not on my own. David seems together with his buddy James. They need the deer for his or her folks, however Ellie is not budging. David provides to business, and Ellie asks for drugs. While James is going again to get some, Ellie and David safe haven from the chilly inside of a cabin. A bunch of inflamed emerge and power them to paintings in combination to live on.

After they care for the inflamed, David tells Ellie {that a} crew of his males had been killed by means of “a loopy guy travelling with a little bit woman”. Clearly adversarial, David we could Ellie cross with the medication as promised. She runs away and leaves along with her horse.

Ellie will get again to Joel and offers him some penicillin. Later on, Ellie overhears some males out of doors — they have got tracked her and are on the lookout for her. Ellie comes to a decision to throw them off the path by means of using again out, however she’s noticed and the pony is killed. She fights to get again to Joel, however is captured by means of David.

She wakes up in a mobile and watches any person butchering people. David brings Ellie some meals, assuring that it is simply deer meat. He confesses to cannibalism, however tells Ellie he can lend a hand her reside if she will be able to acquire the believe of his folks. She breaks his finger. David threatens to kill her.

Meanwhile, Joel wakes up and notices Ellie is lacking. Still harm, he will get up and starts in search of her, operating into David’s males within the procedure. He captures a few them and interrogates them about Ellie. Forcing them to inform him with torture, the boys expose Ellie’s location earlier than Joel kills them each.

Ellie is compelled onto a desk and held down. She tells David she’s inflamed, and presentations him her arm. With the boys distracted, she makes her get away, and tries to have the option out and again to Joel. Meanwhile, Joel is coming near. Eventually, Ellie and David hunt each and every different in a burning eating place, however Ellie grabs his machete and brutally kills him. Joel after all catches as much as her they usually head again at the trail of the Fireflies.

The Last of Us Remastered Full Story Recap So Far 8


Joel and Ellie achieve Salt Lake City and are heading to the clinic the place the Fireflies are. On their method, they head thru an outdated zoo, the place they spot a herd of giraffes peacefully strolling throughout the web site. Joel talks to Ellie, and says they do not have to move thru with the Fireflies plan; they are able to merely reside peacefully with Tommy in his encampment. Ellie tells him that the whole thing they have got been thru “cannot be for not anything”.

The pair approaches the clinic thru partly submerged ruins. They each fall into flowing water, and Ellie nearly drowns. As he tries to restore her, Fireflies method and knock Joel out.

He wakes up in a clinic room, the place Marlene greets him. She assures Joel that Ellie is ok, and that she is being ready for surgical treatment. Marlene explains that to review the an infection for a possible treatment, they wish to take away it from Ellie’s mind, which can kill her. Growing indignant, Joel calls for to peer Ellie, however Marlene refuses, and instructs her males to make him go away.

On the best way out of the clinic, Joel overpowers the Firefly and learns Ellie is at the most sensible ground. He then makes his method up the clinic thru closely guarded spaces.

Finally discovering the working room, Joel enters the room to seek out Ellie mendacity subconscious at the desk. One physician threatens Joel, however he shoots him. The different surgeons are too scared to transport, and Joel choices Ellie up. Running throughout the clinic, Joel enters the elevator and descends to the parking zone. Marlene confronts Joel, begging him to rethink his movements, however he kills her to forestall the Fireflies from pursuing them. He drives away.

Ellie wakes up as Joel drives again against Tommy’s agreement. She asks what took place. Joel tells her that the Fireflies had discovered many people with immunity to the an infection, however that they’d no success generating a treatment, and they have got stopped making an attempt.

As the pair method Tommy’s camp, Ellie stops Joel and makes him swear that what he mentioned in regards to the Fireflies used to be true. Joel says, “I swear”. Ellie merely replies, “Okay”.

The Last of Us Remastered Full Story Recap So Far 9

The Last of Us: Left Behind

In this standalone tale, we find out about how Ellie got here to be bitten in a while earlier than the occasions of the principle sport. Let’s cross throughout the tale right here to get the entire image.

After Joel is improperly harm simply earlier than the Winter bankruptcy, we see Ellie exploring a shopping center on the lookout for provides, akin to sutures and bandages. As she makes her method thru more than a few shops, taking down inflamed, she discovers an army helicopter. Inside, she unearths a stocked first assist package, however will have to battle her as far back as Joel when bandits start looking out the world.

This is interspersed with flashbacks to earlier than Joel and Ellie’s adventure. We see Ellie asleep within the quarantine zone the place she lives, when her best possible buddy Riley scares her conscious. Ellie had assumed she used to be useless, however it seems she’s been inducted into the Fireflies. Wanting to catch up on how they left issues the final time they met, Riley takes Ellie out of the quarantine zone to discover an deserted mall.

As they cross throughout the buying groceries centre, they in finding the shuttle transfer and repair energy to the construction. The pair communicate and chuckle as they have got amusing exploring the lit-up mall, throwing bricks at vehicles, pretending to play a damaged arcade sport, and having a water gun battle. Riley unearths she has been assigned to a Firefly crew in a special a part of the rustic, and asks Ellie what to do. Ellie tells her to move.

Riley plugs Ellie’s walkman into a shop’s sound device they usually dance in combination. Ellie adjustments her thoughts and asks Riley to not go away. Riley rips off her Firefly canine tag, and Ellie kisses her. Before the pair can go away in peace, inflamed are drawn to the song, they usually run away.

In their try to get away, each Ellie and Riley are bitten. Knowing their fates are sealed, they sit down down and make a decision what to do. Rather than devote suicide, they make a decision to trip out the an infection and “lose our minds in combination”. Little do they know that Ellie is immune.

That about wraps it up for the entire tale recap of The Last of Us. The tale to this point leads us into Part II, which is due out on 19th June. The sequel is about 5 years after the tip of the primary sport, so it is going to be fascinating to peer how issues have advanced in that point. Are you in a position to play The Last of Us 2? Relive the tale within the feedback phase underneath.

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