Firaxis Announces Standalone Strategy Game XCOM: Chimera Squad 

XCOM 2 is known for its brutal firefights against a sequence of menacing aliens, then again we appreciated each disturbing minute. We have now not heard so much from the gathering given that unencumber of the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expansion in 2017. That might be because of Firaxis has secretly been operating on a brand spanking new standalone adventure referred to as XCOM: Chimera Squad, and you’ll be able to have the chance to play it next week, when it releases on PC on April 24. 

At the highest of XCOM 2, humanity had successfully beaten once more an alien hegemony and reasserted its regulate of the planet Earth. Chimera Squad tells the story of what happened after that. Set five years after the liberation, avid gamers regulate a number of elite human warriors who’ve made an uneasy alliance with alien agents as they artwork together to stick the peace. 

All of Chimera Squad’s turn-based battles get started with a brand spanking new phase referred to as Breach Mode. During this initial setup, avid gamers can assign their agents to precise get right of entry to problems and better coordinate their assault. Some get right of entry to problems offer different tactical choices, and others would perhaps very best be accessible to agents with sure abilities. 

One of the biggest changes to XCOM’s tactical struggle is the new interleaved turn order. Instead of letting all your heroes take their turn back-to-back, each unit is now given a specific turn, and enemy turns are interwoven between your devices’ actions. However, some agents have explicit abilities that allow them to move some heroes up throughout the turn order or freeze enemy attacks. 


Outside struggle, your group of workers can arrange its base of operations throughout the heart of City 31. Instead of a world struggle, all of Chimera Squad’s movement takes place all the way through the walls of this one the city, which is rife with crime and civil unrest. 

Chimera Squad seems to be like find it irresistible was once as soon as built off of XCOM 2’s tech, then again you don’t want to non-public any of the previous video video games to play this one. You should buy Chimera Squad for PC starting on April 24 for a limited-time introductory value of $9.99. But act fast, because of on May 1 the price will double to its instructed retail value of $19.99. 2K hasn’t commented on whether or not or now not or not it plans to put across the game to consoles, then again stay posted for our analysis after the game releases. 

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