A vintage interview with Castlevania composer Michiru Yamane

In this reprint from the October 2006 factor of Game Developer mag, Michiru Yamane opens up about her musical schooling and her paintings on a couple of vintage Castlevania video games. She would pass on to depart Konami in 2008, hanging out as an unbiased composer and scoring video games like Skullgirls.

Michiru Yamane is the major composer for the sport collection Castlevania, amongst others. Her classical and darkish preparations in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night have earned her extra prominence amongst sport track writers, Konami enthusiasts, and the trade at massive.

Having labored in video games for the reason that overdue 1980s, Yamane is among the maximum identified composers within the box. Game Developer spoke along with her about her influences and inspirations, in addition to her plans for the long run.

How did you first get started at Konami?

Michiru Yamane: Just earlier than my fourth 12 months of faculty, I began having a look round within the recruitment workplace for various jobs I may observe to, and I discovered Konami there. That’s the entire tale!

It turns out like a large number of other folks I’ve talked to at Konami joined up proper after school.

MY: I in fact had a educating license on the time, and I did get any other task, nevertheless it used to be part-time, and it did not go well with me in any respect. The faculty I used to be operating for did not truly like me that a lot both, so I began in search of any other task, and that’s the reason once I determined to enroll in Konami.

Did you learn about track at school?

MY: As a child I began studying piano, and I went to a highschool that had an emphasis on complicated piano. It used to be particularly a musical highschool. But there have been such a lot of piano virtuosos who had technical ability and I did not need to compete in that approach, so I selected a college that had robust track composition classes.

What made you curious about this kind of track, this kind of outdated, gothic, Victorian taste?

MY: I suppose it comes all the way down to my training once more. When I used to be at college, my thesis used to be according to the track of Bach, so I used to be immersed with lovely vintage but darkish track. But I do not need to have that stereotype, if conceivable.

What used to be the primary sport you probably did track for?

MY: Ganbare Goemon 2 in Japan, then some arcade titles, and a few Game Boy paintings, however frequently I handiest did partial soundtracks. I moved on to a couple Super Nintendo and Genesis stuff as neatly, with Castlevania: Bloodlines and Rocket Knight Adventures. I’d say my large damage used to be Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

What sound chip did you like from the outdated days?

MY: Probably the Genesis. For that machine I were given to do the entire paintings, now not simply composition, but additionally synthesizing the track into this system. So it is specifically memorable for me.

Do you ever have any affect at the design of video games?

MY: Not from the early levels, however I will be able to definitely affect design from a valid point of view on the subject of how issues are carried out and the route of occasions.

I be mindful a selected time when my imaginative and prescient and [Castlevania director] Koji Igarashi’s imaginative and prescient did not overlap. At that point, I mainly needed to trade my mind-set to compare his, so perhaps I shouldn’t have that a lot keep an eye on. But most often we are at the similar web page.

With Castlevania particularly there may be a large number of revision of vintage track, it kind of feels. Is that an issue for you?

MY: I do get to create a variety of new track for the collection, even with preparations. I did one for Symphony of the Night and several other extra for the Game Boy Advance. I truly just like the track of Castlevania already, so it does not trouble me in any respect.

What video games have influenced you on the subject of sound?

MY: I truly love the Tomb Raider video games — neatly, 1 and a couple of anyway. They shouldn’t have any track, however they have got truly excellent sound paintings, in order that made me assume extra moderately about the best way I exploit track in video games.

It turns out like in recent years the Castlevania collection is turning into much less and not more common in Japan. Have you thought about hiring a Visual Kei band [a Japanese music style that integrates rock and classical, in a manner similar to Castlevania’s music] to do a tie-in with a long term sport?

MY: I have not, however it kind of feels like a good suggestion. For the following sport we do plan to combine some track with vocals, nevertheless it may not be rock. It’ll be extra operatic.

What roughly track do you pay attention to?

MY: In the rock class, Dream Theater. I’d like to collaborate with them some day, however someway I do not believe that may ever occur.

Do you ever make track only for your self?

MY: Well, now not truly, sadly. Since I’m a Konami worker, I’m all the time devoting my complete efforts to the track of no matter sport I’m operating on, most often Castlevania. But in the future I’d love to.

I’m afraid that if I did make my very own track, it could sound slightly so much like Castlevania track anyway…would that be all proper?


You can to find extra nice tales from outdated problems with Game Developer Magazine within the GDMag Archive segment of the GDC Vault.

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