Waterfall Quest OSRS Guide – Old School RuneScape

The Waterfall Quest is, without doubt, one of the many adventures you’ll be able to partake in throughout your time in OSRS. Before you accomplish that, there are some things that you’re going to wish to know, so take a look at the next information for Waterfall Quest OSRS.

In this information, we can come up with a perception of:

  • Skill and Item Requirements
  • How to finish the Waterfall Quest
  • Waterfall Quest’s rewards

With that being stated, let’s take a look at what you are going to be required to do when making an attempt at the Waterfall Quest in Old School RuneScape.

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Skill and Item Requirements

The Waterfall Quest is an intermediate quest, and you are going to want sure talents and pieces with a purpose to get started it. It is a protracted quest, and despite the fact that there are not any quest necessities to start out it, there are pieces and talents that you’re going to want ahead of seeking to whole it.

Skill Requirements

Firstly, it is important to be capable of resist assaults from point 86 Fire Giants, in addition to point 84 Moss Guardians without the usage of any of your apparatus. So, it would be best to just remember to are to some extent the place your evasion is as much as a scratch, and you’ll be able to take hefty injury.

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Item Requirements

As for the pieces you’ll want, it would be best to accumulate Air, Earth, and Water Runes. You are going to require six of every, in addition to a rope. We additionally counsel that you are taking quite a few meals and teleportation necklaces on your comfort. If you need to just remember to are absolutely ready, and you’re a low-level participant, you must just remember to have this stuff to your ownership. A Ring of Dueling or Amulet of Glory may additionally come in useful if in case you have them.

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Waterfall Quest OSRS

This quest duties you with investigating the deaths of former elven leaders. This will take you to the elf King Baxtorian‘s tomb, the place you are going to be told the reality at the back of the hidden treasure discovered within the house of the waterfall. You will likely be taken on an adventure for lacking riches, in addition to finding out about Baxtorian alongside the best way. There are many risks forward, with numerous top powered enemies alongside the best way. However, if in case you have adopted the talent and merchandise necessities you must be capable of getting via it at the same time as a low-level participant.

Starting the Waterfall Quest – OSRS

To get started the hunt, it would be best to head over to the northeastern house of Baxtorian Falls, the place you’ll be able to talk to Almera. After you will have accomplished so, you’ll be able to then board the raft. You will need to talk to Hudon, who’s the son of Almera, who were given misplaced looking for treasure beneath the Baxtorian Falls.

Finding the Book on Baxtorian

You will understand a rock to the south finish of the island. Use your rope at the rock, on the other hand at the useless tree, and get within the barrel. Inside the northern construction, you are going to meet Hadley, who serves as vacationer information for Lake Baxtorian and provides you with knowledge at the house. From there, head upstairs to seek for a Book on Baxtorian. This provides you with a background on Baxtorian’s treasure, and why it used to be hidden away. Be positive to click on Read Book on Baxtorian and shut the e-book afterward.

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Gaining Access to Glarial’s Tomb

From right here, head over to the Tree Gnome Village maze and pass within the dungeon. Head to the proper place you are going to discover a crate, wherein you are going to discover a key. Then it would be best to head again west to open the gate. You will in finding the imprisoned gnome Golrie right here, who provides you with Glarial’s Pebble for freeing him.

Next, you are going to be heading to Glarial’s Tomb. Before you accomplish that, make sure to financial institution any pieces you will have, together with the specified runes, as you are going to no longer be granted get admission to in case your pieces aren’t thought to be “non-violent.” You can in finding the tomb to the northeast of the construction of the place you discovered the e-book, and will then use the pebble from Golrie to go into the tomb. Head down the trails of the dungeon, and you are going to come throughout a chest with Glarial’s Amulet within. Head again within the different paths to search out Glarial’s Urn within the coffin.

Completing the Waterfall Quest

Head again to the place you saved your pieces, and select up the specified runes, your rope, plus Glarial’s pieces that you’ve simply amassed. You can even need to convey some meals with you simply in case. After doing so, go back to Baxtorian Falls and get at the raft. Use your rope at the rock and the useless tree once more, despite the fact that this time steer clear of coming into the barrel. From right here, equip Glarial’s Amulet input pass in the course of the door. Once within, head down the trail to the proper and seek for a key within the crates. Once you will have discovered it, head again to the left and in finding the door. Use the important thing, however, watch out for the hearth giants within the house.

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Inside, you are going to understand plenty of pillars. Here, you’ll need to position a Water, Air, and Earth Rune on each of the pillars. Once you will have accomplished so, head over to the statue. Place Glarial’s Amulet on it, and in finding the chalice to put Glarial’s Urn in it. Be mindful, in the event you click on Take Treasure, you are going to be flushed out of the cave, so watch out no longer to take action.

Quest Rewards

For finishing the Waterfall Quest, you are going to obtain plenty of rewards. Finishing it grants you one Quest level, in addition to 13,750 Strength and Attack Experience, which proves very useful in case you are specializing in leveling those two explicit talents.  You can even obtain two diamonds, two gold bars, and 40 Mithril Seeds.


So there you will have it, you will have finished the Waterfall Quest in OSRS! The journey is a protracted one, and will also be tough for low-level avid gamers,  although there are not any quest necessities ahead of beginning it. The highest manner ahead is to top off at the beneficial pieces, in addition to the pieces that you’re going to require to if truth be told whole it.

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