Total War: Warhammer 2 is free for the weekend

Total War: Warhammer 2 is loose for the weekend on Steam, supplying you with a couple of days to conquer the field as quite a lot of bloodthirsty rats, lizards and elves. 

While I’ve grow to be smitten with Total War: Three Kingdoms, Warhammer 2 remains the Total War I’ve put necessarily essentially the most time into, and additionally it is one amongst Henry Cavill’s favourite video video games. If Superman and Geralt give it a thumbs up, it’ll should be superb. 

If you already private the original Warhammer, you are able to moreover be capable to download the Mortal Empires advertising and marketing marketing campaign. This is a ridiculously large mixture of every video video games’ maps, which were squashed together (with some cuts) to create the collection’ largest advertising and marketing marketing campaign. 

Every single army you private is playable in Mortal Empires, so you’ll be able to pit armies from the main sport, identical to the Empire, against the newer ones, identical to the pesky dark elves. Be warned, then again, that you are able to be in a position between turns for slightly longer than you may well be used to, though thankfully Creative Assembly now not too way back made some large improvements that have sped problems up considerably. 

As neatly as being loose for the weekend, every Warhammers are at the moment on sale, at the side of all of their DLC. It’s a great time to get stuck in. And if that is not enough to stick you occupied, listed here are all of the other loose video video games you’ll be able to grab presently.

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